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read this before renting

The landlord shall not be liable for any dissatisfaction or health problems resulting from the use of the property. The tenant uses the property at their own risk and agrees to comply with all rules and recommendations of the landlord and the laws and regulations applicable in the place where the property is located. The landlord shall not be liable for any damages, losses or injuries resulting from the use of the property by the tenant or their guests.

In accordance with this lease agreement, the landlord reserves the right to enforce ethical and legal norms that require respect and protection of the property. Organizing any kind of events, consuming alcohol, drugs, or playing loud music is strictly prohibited on the premises. The tenant is obliged to comply with all applicable laws and respect good manners. In case of any violation of these rules, the landlord reserves the right to terminate the agreement and evict the tenant without refunding any payment.


frequently asked questions

Unfortunately no, we are renting out the entire house, which you will have at your disposal.

There is no specific limit to rent the property. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee that your expectations will be met during your rental experience, and therefore, we are unable to provide any refunds in such cases.

There is limit of max 10 people. However, by prior arrangement with the owner, a larger quantity is also possible.

The accommodation includes two single beds, for which we kindly request that you bring your own sleeping bags. If there are additional guests planning to stay overnight, we recommend also bringing camping mats for their comfort. Please note that bedding and towels are not provided, so we kindly ask that you bring your own.

Yes, the property has its own designated parking space for 2 cars in total.


How to get here...

The location is highly suitable for visiting. It has a private parking space for cars. Additionally, the property is located between two airports.

Airport Krakow KRK: The airport is located 50 km away from the hunted house and it takes approximately 40 minutes by car to get here.

Airport Katowice KTW: The airport is situated 52 km away from doominjelen and can be reached by car in less than 50 minutes.

You can also reach here by taking public buses from either of the airports, which will take around 2-3 hours (depends on the hour).