Are you ready to be terrified?

Welcome to the story of my haunted house


Memories from 2015 still make my heart beat faster. It was during a family breakfast when my daughter started talking about a house for sale that was located on the road I commuted to work on every day. It was a normal topic, but her words included an idea that impressed me. She envisioned an escape room in that place. I couldn’t believe how interesting and prospective that idea was. 

I became instantly enthusiastic about it and decided to visit the house to take a closer look. When I arrived, the building was empty, and no one had lived there for a long time. I was surprised, but I had no idea what was hiding there. 

I decided to talk to the neighbors to learn about the history of the place. What I heard gave me goosebumps. It turned out that the residents ran away from the building in the middle of the night, terrified by something that was present there. Since then, the house remained abandoned and caused panic among the local residents. What could have happened there that made a young family run out of the house with only the clothes on their backs? Was it hysteria, or a justified fear for their lives? There were many questions, as well as many stories circulating in the area.  

I couldn’t stop thinking about that place and decided that I had to learn more. I began researching and ultimately uncovered the mystery of that abandoned house. What I found there will surely stay with me forever. 

One Sunday afternoon, I came up with the idea to write a note inquiring about the sale of a certain house in Jelen. I placed it in the door and didn’t even think about it again. Four long months passed until I received a sudden phone call. At first, I didn’t realize that it was about the same house, but when I asked if it was the one that was haunted, the response sent shivers down my spine. After a meaningful silence, I heard an uncertain and subdued voice that confirmed my suspicions. 

My first impulse was that there must be something to it. But despite that, I decided to take the risk. My family advised me against it, but I was determined to take on this challenge. It was a new territory for me, and I wanted to prove myself there. 

After a few weeks from that phone conversation with the owner, it finally happened – the purchase agreement for the house was signed. Was it a good decision? Is there some mysterious, unexplained fate waiting for me here? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – this house holds many secrets that no one knew about. 

Crazy events started on the very first day when the lock suddenly refused to open. Was it just bad luck or something more? It can’t be that strange circumstances are blocking my way from the get-go! 

Despite that, I decided to start the renovation. At first, everything went according to plan – peace, quiet, normality. However, as I began to recall conversations with the previous owner or neighbors, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Something was off. Although there were strange sounds and noises coming from the basement, were they really ghosts? 

The most shocking and inexplicable event was a certain occurrence that initially had nothing to do with the house in Jaworzno. Once, before I bought this property and even before I heard of its existence, I lost a very important talisman somewhere. The eagle pendant had accompanied me for almost two decades and had enormous sentimental value to me.

Time passed, and I remembered my loss – my beloved talisman in the shape of the Silesian eagle went missing. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never retrieve it again, until one day – unexpectedly – I stumbled upon a small, shiny object under the stairs. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that it was my talisman! How is it possible that I had walked the same path countless times and never noticed it before? And how did it end up in Jelenia, when I wasn’t even there when it was lost?

From then on, really strange things started to happen. Signals from the „ghost” were becoming more and more distinct. Cars parked on my property would suddenly start on their own or run at high speeds. Sometimes it only lasted a few seconds, and then everything returned to normal. However, it wasn’t just happening to me – my friends and family also experienced similar events. 

And that’s not all. Doors that I propped open would be closed moments later. The staircase that I had just walked through was suddenly locked. What kind of sorcery was this?! Every time I checked the surveillance footage, it turned out that one of the cameras was malfunctioning or not working at all. 

Were all of these just coincidences, or was someone or something trying to convey a message to me? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure – since I became the owner of this building, life has taken on a new, mysterious dimension.

I decided to rent out my house, which meant another change in the interior design of the rooms. As soon as I mentioned the building’s history to potential tenants, they immediately backed out. The bravest were Ukrainians, who, due to their poor knowledge of the Polish language, did not engage in discussions with local residents. Those who knew nothing about this place stayed for even a few months, but there were also cases when a team fled after a few days. And it was not related to rental arrears. And once again the building stood empty… I even considered selling the property, but there were no takers. The magic of the Internet. 

After some time, a film crew from Sweden contacted me. I didn’t want to get into stories about ghosts anymore, but the Scandinavians wouldn’t give up. Even the argument that „the ghost left with the Ukrainians to Donbas” didn’t impress them. I agreed to their visit. I thought it was just a team of a few niche YouTubers. I was shocked when I saw who was coming to the house in Jelen – over 20 people, 30 cameras, with half a kilometer of cables. They installed several cameras and various specialized equipment in each room. It was then that I first learned that the Polish video circulating on the Internet about my house in Jelen was not some amateur footage shot by haunted amateurs, but was prepared by Catholic exorcists. It was then that I realized that I had to share with you what is happening here… 

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